One to one training

Private training is for you who want to trim details or have a dog that needs space from other dogs.
Do you have a specific goal and want help planning and training that will take you there?

Contact us via email and we will decide how we will set up the training.

1 hour training with one doghandler costs SEK 600
1 hour training with two doghandlers costs SEK 900
1 hour training with three doghandlers costs SEK 1200

Private training is paid for with Swish at the time of training.
Swish: 123 559 21 91
One doghandler with several dogs costs nothing extra.

Private lessons are located at Selleberga Dog Sports Center or out by appointment.
Driving compensation is added for training outside the Helsingborg area.

Do you have a specific goal where you need help with private training several times? Then we can put together a package solution with the number of hits you need and online.

Cancellation can be made up to 24 hours before the booked time via email and / or telephone. Non-canceled time will be charged according to the hourly fee.

Tysk Schäfer tuggar på belöning leksak
Förberedelse inför specialsök efter Svarthuvad snigel
Förberedelse inför specialsök efter Svarthuvad snigel