If you are in need of detection dogs, we offer searches with trained dogs as below.

If you need another type of detection dog, you can email an inquiry if we have the opportunity to train a specific dog or if we have someone in our network who has the opportunity.

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As a teacher in detection Micke has been involved in developing training methods for training dogs to detect for Black-headed Slugl.
We were involved in training the first dogs in Sweden to search for this snail species.

At the moment, DDT Sökhundar AB has one dog that is trained and ready for work, and two more dogs that are expected to be ready to work by the summer of 2021.

Our working dogs are checked regularly by a veterinarian.
As there is no standardized certification, our dogs do a work test through an external company.
If you want our help, a certificate from the work test will be attached with a quote.

If you hire us, we will set up the work together so that it suits you in the best way.
If you wish, we will take care of any findings and kill them safely without unnecessary suffering.

Why hire a detection dog looking for snails?

A specially trained detection dog is very effective in its search and you can then search larger areas in a shorter time than a human can, and the dog finds hidden and buried snails.

A dog can search an area where there is a Black-headed Snail to control the spread in an area.

We recommend a check-up a couple of weeks after the first decontamination to ensure that there are no individuals left in the area.

You will receive a report on the area searched and a map with positions in the event of any findings. You will also receive a .GPX file and a .KML file so you can embed this in eg Google Maps.
In areas with very many individuals, we recommend that you first pick all visible snails before you start searching with a dog. The dogs then find hidden and buried snails that are missed after the first picking.

Förberedelse inför specialsök efter Svarthuvad snigel
Förberedelse inför specialsök efter Svarthuvad snigel